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Facebook is the most visited website on the internet since its foundation in February 2004. The goal of its creator, Mark Zuckerberg, was to create a platform nominated as a social network where students of the university could share content in a simpler way and communicate in a more fluid way. The Facebook website managed to form a global communication only through the Internet, so it was established that for the development of other social networks should take as an example of Facebook.

On Facebookthere are two kinds of accounts; those who are ordinary users which are entirely free enrollment and those of businesses that are the ones that register an account in Facebook so as to promote their services or products and to have the ability to keep contact with their clients instantly. Subsequently, Facebook as a social media gets the function of supplying and encouraging applications and games, thus creating an internet connection within the game and Facebook.

In Facebook, there are the official accounts of artists, as there are pages where they are responsible for uploading images and make publications constantly so that more followers are won every day and that within Facebook the page is recognized and thus transcends other networks social.

But those people who want to venture into the field of recognition of accounts and do not have a base content on how to start their publications, we offer the solution.

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Obtaining a good content that to publish in the network the search of followers and if I like you it becomes much easier but to lack of that base, it is almost impossible to achieve the objective.

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