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If you are looking for a quality vaporizer, one that will serve you well for long periods of time, the bong is definitely the product you are looking for. With its brand new set of features, it is already set to rival every other product in the market, similar to it.

About pax 3 vaporizer
It has been created by Ploom and is the successor to one of the best existing vaporizers in the market, the PAX 2. Some of the other products by PAX in this same field include the pax 3, the Air and also the Era. They are also planning to expand their devices in accordance with the different needs of vaping of different people.
It is the direct successor to the PAX 2 and as such is also compatible with leaf cannabis in the leaf form as well as in the concentrated form. It has a capacity of 0.25 gm. and on a full charge can allow you to get as much as 200 puffs in total. It also comes with a swooping 10-year warranty like all the previous models. The vapor formed also comes as fast as within 15 seconds of burning.
Dual Use
One of the biggest changes made to this model by Ploom is the dual nature of it all. As mentioned before, you can use loose leaf in the device as well as leaf extract, in accordance to your own needs and desires. No matter which one you prefer however, the vapor produced is dense and is not affected by your choice of material.Are you still not convinced about the capabilities of this device? If not, make sure that you read at least a single pax 3 review before making your final purchase. After all, being careful is always recommended before making any such transactions.

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